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Self-help program: € 51
Psychological support: € 103
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About our self-help programs

  • Recent methods of CBT
  • Interactive courses with 8-10 sections (12-15 weeks of course time)
  • New information and new tools in each section
  • Results in graphical form
  • Download all material as PDF-files
  • Ability to obtain support from our psychologists
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Anonymity, security and technology


Our goal is that you who are using our services shall feel safe and secure on our site. For this reason we use so-called SSL certificate. This means that all information sent between your computer and our server is encrypted so that no unauthorized person can take part of it.

Processing of personal data

The information you provide will remain confidential. The personnel who are responsible for Livandas self-help programs are psychologists covered by the Swedish law of medical confidentiality.


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Customer comments

Evaluations from our customers

"Easily accessible, good language - easy to understand what you mean. You get a positive feeling! I want to thank you for providing this kind of self-help! Now I know how I function without having to seek expensive and tricky help somewhere else. Thanks!"

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Livanda - Internet Clinic Ltd.


Livanda are pioneers in online therapy so-called "Internet therapy". Based on our research and many years of experience, we have developed cognitive behaviour therapy on the Internet.

Founder of Internet therapy

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CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy


All our programs are based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT). Cognitive behaviour therapy is a form of therapy that is based on scientifically proven (so-called evidence-based) methods. Another important part of CBT is that it focuses on the problems we experience - here and now.

The psychologists working at Livanda are all trained in cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and engaged in research. We regularly conduct evaluations and new studies on our self-help programs.

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Read about different diagnoses and problems that might benefit from cognitive behavioural therapy.

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